Surface treatment

We adapt to any need or requirement of the client.

Aroma neutraliser

We offer groundbreaking industrial technology through our own system, that is based on applying a combination of vapour and dry air to the stoppers to eliminate unwanted aromas. It significantly reduces TCA contents.

System validated by the University of Girona

I.N.S Cork service

We carry out an individual and exclusive process that consists of a cork-by-cork unitary check, highly effective for eliminating all the aromatic deviations, including TCA, that can affect your wine.

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Design and marking

We provide advice and create the design and personalisation of the stoppers. We work with laser technology or ink.

Washing the stoppers

We adapt to any need or requirement of the client


We offer a specific consultation service to our clients and professionals of the wine industry (oenologists, wineries, wine-stewards, wine lovers, etc.) on any aspect of cork.


We organise specific training sessions for the winegrowing sector on the practical and technical aspects of cork stoppers