Colmated cork stoppers

Finished colmated cork stoppers

One-piece cylinder of natural cork silted with natural cork dust.

Manufactured according to UNE and SYSTECODE PREMIUM standards.
Recommended use: tables wines, fast-rotation wines and young wines.

Dimensions Length
De 38 a 54 mm ± 0,5 mm
De 24 a 40 mm ± 0,4 mm
≤ 0,5 mm
Physical Density
Extraction force
Immediate diametral recovery
5 minute diametral recovery
1 hour diametral recovery
Powder content
140 – 250 Kg/m3
4 – 8%
≤ 2,5 mm
20 – 40 daN
≥ 88%
≥ 93%
≥ 95%
< 0,003 g./stopper
Sensorial Smell Neutral
Cromatographic TCA According to client's protocol
Chemical Residual oxidants Negative


We have all the standard qualities available. We can also customise the corks according to the specific quality of each client.

Analysis method

All analyses are carried out according to standards UNE 56921, UNE 56927, UNE 56928 and UNE 56929, and according to the Systecode control plan (International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices).

Other parameters or analyses according to the specifications of each client.